Bioluminescence Tour (Nov 9th) + Hike (Sep 23rd)

Private Kayaking Tour in November & Upcoming Weekend Hike

Nov 9th: Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour (Time Sensitive)

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. On dark (moonless) nights on Tomales Bay, bluish white flickers are visible in the water column, which come from blooms of bioluminescent “dinoflagellates”. These tiny critters emit short flashes of light when disturbed, and at certain times of the year put on quite a show for kayakers. 

Looks like this might be happen but it will be a tight squeeze. Blue Waters Kayaking, the company running the tour, just got back about the details for a private tour but we have to get back to them by tomorrow on how many people will be joining. If you’d reserve a spot please Venmo me $114 (@varadh) as we try and make this happen - we have to do it in multiple of 6 so there might be some gymnastics here.

  • Date: November 9th, 2018 (Friday)

  • Estimated Kayaking Duration: 4 hours

  • Directions/Starting PointGoogle Maps ~1 hr 45 min drive from SF, one-way

  • Start Time: 4:40 PM in Point Reyes

  • Leave Time: 2:45-3:00 PM from SF

  • Return Time: 10:15 PM to SF

Sep 23rd: Cataract Falls and Potrero Meadows Loop

Trail: Cataract Falls and Potrero Meadows Loop (Cataract, Helen Market, Kent, Benstein Trails) is a 8.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mill Valley, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. - AllTrails

  • Distance: 8.4 miles

  • Estimated Hiking Duration: 3 hr 45 min

  • Elevation Gain: 1,837 feet

  • Directions/Starting PointGoogle Maps ~45 minutes drive from SF, one-way

  • Starting Time at Trailhead: 9:30 AM

Questions [If you haven’t responded yet]

  1. Will you be joining? Yes/No. 

  2. If you’re bringing +n’s, please reply with them on the thread.

  3. Will you be driving or need a ride? 🚗

    1. If you’re driving 👌🏽

    2. If you're open to having folks ride with you: many spots do you have and what’s a convenient meet-up spot? Either your own car or a rental. 

    3. If you need a ride, how many spots do you need and what part of town are you based in?